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Protect your website, business and customers.

  • Trust is one of the single most important factors influencing customers browsing online and Web Inspector is made to protect your customers online, by protecting your website. Web Inspector inspects your website for malware, detects any vulnerabilities and protects your website from security threats. It also embeds PCI compliance scanning for E-commerce websites that accept credit card payments, to keep them compliant with the payment card industry's mandatory standards.


Web Inspector, from Comodo's innovation labs, uses a 'high interaction honeypot' mechanism that avoids 'false positives' and produces a superior quality of forensic analysis other products don't do or can't match.

Why use Web Inspector?


PCI Scanning

Web Inspector ensures you are PCI compliant and gives you the flexibility to schedule compliance scans based on your preferences. Web Inspector is the only website security product that includes this important feature to help you avoid any penalties or fines. It is an industry requirement for all businesses that store, process, or transmit payment cardholder data to be PCI compliant. Comodo, the company behind Web Inspector, is a PCI Approved Scanning Vendor.


Database Security

Hackers are constantly trying to use SQL injection techniques to access sensitive customer information such as username and passwords or company data such as credit card transaction details stored in your database. Web Inspector tests and makes sure if all possible entry points such as input boxes on your website are secure enough to fight such attacks. This helps you protect your customers and defend your company's online reputation.


Daily Scanning, Monitoring and Immediate Notifications

Every time Web Inspector scans your website, it makes sure that no known viruses or malware have been injected. Exhaustive check, daily, to make sure your website is not blacklisted by major search engines. Time is money and Web Inspector is designed with this in mind. If it detects any malware or vulnerabilities it shoots out an immediate notification to you via email so you can keep your site safe.

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