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Protect your site and your users with SSL and get a better SEO Ranking.

  • Users expect a secure online experience when providing data via a website. SSL Certificates protect your customer's personal data including passwords, credit cards and identity information. Getting an SSL certificate is the easiest way to increase your customer's confidence in your online business

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Proactive Malware Defense Solutions

  • As technology continues to evolve, web security threats are on the rise with an estimated 160,000 samples of malware detected around the world each day. Unfortunately, 70% of these attacks are targeted at small businesses. Periodic vulnerability scans, coupled with even basic malware detection and blocking, will be the first step to prevent your website from being compromised.

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SSL Certificates we offer


Comodo® SSL Certificates

A Comodo SSL Certificate is the quickest and most cost effective way for an online business to protect customer transactions. Apart from their low cost, each certificate also comes with a great value-added package, which makes them perfect for small to medium size businesses. Choosing Comodo SSL means your site will enjoy the highest security levels and you'll also receive additional tools that will win customer trust and increase sales conversions.

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Symantec® SSL Certificates

Symantec SSL, formerly from VeriSign with the Norton Secured Seal is one of the most recognized trust mark on the Internet, displayed over half a billion times per day on websites. Symantec Website Security Solutions has an extensive SSL certificate product offering. Symantec helped lead the development of Extended Validation and as of Jan. 2012, Symantec along with its subsidiaries has issued more EV SSL Certificates than any other Certificate Authority.

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Thawte® SSL Certificates

Thawte was the first certificate authority to issue SSL certificates to public entities outside of the United States, quickly accounting for 40% of the global SSL market. In 2000, Thawte was acquired by Symantec® and has become a key member of the Symantec family of trust brands. To date, Thawte has issued more than 945,000 SSL and code signing certificates since 1995, protecting identities and transactions in over 240 countries.

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GeoTrust® SSL Certificates

GeoTrust is the world's second largest digital certificate provider. More than 100,000 customers in over 150 countries trust GeoTrust to secure online transactions. GeoTrust range of digital certificate and trust products enable organizations of all sizes to maximize the security of their digital transactions cost-effectively. GeoTrust offer up to 256-bit SSL encryption, and include a range of GeoTrust® True Site Seals based on the level of identity verification.

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Why SSL certificate important for your Business



The Internet provides immense commercial possibilities, yet the majority of people choose not to trust what it brings due to the lack of security. Security enhances productivity, It enables and optimises the realisation of the investment in new technology such as Internet based applications and services. SSL Certificates protect your customer's personal data including passwords, credit cards and identity information. Getting an SSL certificate is the easiest way to increase your customer's confidence in your online business.


Better SEO rankings

Google and other search engines gives higher rankings to websites secured with SSL certificates. Which means SSL certificates are critical if you're serious about your online business. After introducing HTTPS by default on all its services, as well as promoting the HTTPS Everywhere initiative, Google is encouraging stronger security once again by reviewing their algorithms to reward SSL users. In short, this means that if users can connect to your website over HTTPS, your website will rank higher in Google search results.


Verifiable Identity

A Digital Certificate is a digital file used to cryptographically bind an entity's Public Key to specific attributes relating to its identity. Certification Authorities fulfil the role of the Trusted Third Party by accepting applications from entities, authenticating, issuing and maintaining status information about the Certificates issued. Certificates and Trust Seal makes all your trust credentials visible to customers assuring that you are a “real” business and ensuring that the confidential information supplied will not be stolen during the transaction.

What does SSL provide?


The persons / entities with whom we are communicating are really who they say they are.


The information within the message or transaction is kept confidential.


The information within the message or transaction is not tampered with en route.

Access Control

Access to the protected information is only realized by the intended person or entity.

Types of Digital Certificates

Dependent on their usage Digital Certificates are available in a number of different types.


Used by Individuals requiring secure email and web based transactions.


Used by corporates to identify employees for secure email and web based transactions.


To prove ownership of a domain and establish encrypted sessions between their website and a visitor.


To prove authorship and retain integrity of distributed software programs.

Why netwerksys

We carry a full-line of website security solutions from the World’s most famous & trusted Certificate Authorities. This ensures you will always find one that fits your exact needs without having to go anywhere else. Choosing netwerksys means you will benefit from the highest levels of security the industry offers, all backed by our friendly support team.